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President / CEO (International Banking)

Hato Rey, PR · Banking/Loans
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), reports to the Board of Directors and will be responsible for the overall strategic and operational performance of HFC Bank and the achievements of the Bank’s Growth and Profitability agenda. The CEO’s responsibility also extends to the effective management of the enterprise in fullfilment of the declared objectives and within the framework of the policy laid down by the HFC Bank Board. This is an executive responsibility which is summarized in the following major items: The Chief Executive Officer ensures the implementation and achievement of Bank’s current and future strategic direction set by the Board, and ensures delivery of strategic and operational key performance results, and outcomes, across the organization. The Chief Executive Officer provides the mandate and leadership for the Executive Team to work in partnership across their operational groups, to lead and implement continuous improvements in business processes, leveraging digital transformation, and ensuring delivery of customer centric services. The CEO is accountable for developing new business opportunities and sustaining valuable relationships with private and public sector stakeholders to ensure the bank’s continuous expansion and business growth. The CEO position requires the right skills and mindset to assess and mitigate principal risks and compliance of the Bank’s business, together with its growth and profitability and ensures that appropriate management and technological systems are in place for delivering the expected services and performance standards.

Key Responsibilities: The Chief Executive Officer is invested with broad responsibilities and authority as per Bank’s Corporate Governance policy and Operational guidelines.


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